What if you could make friends and learn from them how to

LVRSNFRNDS is a community of people building a kinder world, one conversation at a time.

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How it works

A person asks a question about relationship. They want to know how to make a post-lockdown date less stressful.
A group of people gathers online to help the person who asked a question about dating post-lockdown. They have a video chat.
Two people chat. They met at a live discussion and want to meet over coffee.
"A place to learn about all aspects of self; love and relationships in a safe space with welcoming and respectful members who support you wherever you’re at on your journey."

— Catherine (she/her)

Frequently Asked Questions

"LVRSNFRNDS has been my social and emotional intelligence life-saver this past year."

— Hanh (she/her)
"I don’t feel a need to pretend. I feel seen and my experiences validated but I get to learn from others and create a space for other people to be heard too. I’m taking what I learn into other relationships in my life, colleagues, friends and family. More self aware."

— Grace (she/her)
"Best online community I’ve ever joined. Safe, fun, super inclusive."

— Sonia (she/her)
"Such a positive and heartwarming presence in this group! It's a judgment-free zone so you can feel vulnerable without feeling judged or unheard. LVRSNFRNDS has been a blessing for me this past few months!"

— Ashanti (she/her)
"Such an open-minded, knowledgeable and compassionate community. It's been a great way to learn from and connect to people all over the world on identity, politics, relationship styles, expression and more."

— Ge (they/them)
"LVRSNFRNDS brought so much peace and tolerance to the way I see relationships and people now."

— Samy (he/him)
"LVRSNFRNDS is a beautiful community that is constantly growing and diversifying. I suggest that you go learn and find out more!"

— Cheyenne (she/they)
"I've met some really wonderful people, grown in confidence and shone a light on areas of life I wanted to learn more about."

— Mads (she/her)
"I truly love this community. You are doing a great job at being inclusive, educational, and fun!"

— Corinne (she/her)
"Whatever the best review you can think of is, insert it here. That is how I would describe my LVRSNFRNDS experience."

— Marie (she/her)
"The most supportive, kind, inclusive and knowledgeable bunch of people I’ve ever come into contact with. Thanks for being my lifeline this past year!"

— Lois (she/her)
"LVRSNFRNDS has become my new favourite inclusive space to talk all things love, relationships, food, film, polyamory and I feel truly supported. It’s become a really important part of my life."

— Abi (she/her)
"An amazing space for amazing humans!"

— Steve (he/him)
"I wish my younger self had this amazing bunch of folks by their side growing up."

— Sophie (she/they)

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