A sex-positive platform for modern relationships. Making it cool for you to tell anyone that you are in an open-relationship.


LVRSNFRNDS exists to redefine relationship success for millennials by providing the connections and tools they need to take ownership of their choices.

We want to disrupt the classic monogamous narrative to create a new reality where everyone can define and live the relationship they want.

LVRSNFRNDS is a platform to connect, inform, entertain and inspire action through exclusive and unique content and experiences.

It all started in July 2018 when Sophie, our founder, created Risqué, an event for non-monogamous people to meet and connect in a setting inspired by the best friends get together.

LVRSNFRNDS is a social enterprise: a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good. Watch us!

Our values



Nothing is more important than the trusted relationship we have with our members and partners. We earn this trust through good care, transparency, security, privacy and delivering great experiences.



We value and respect people of all backgrounds and believe a diverse and inclusive community is key to the success of all. We are committed to build a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging.



We welcome our members in a community where they are free to live and enjoy the relationships of their choice. We want to empower them so that they pass on this energy. We’re changing the world, a party at a time.



Thinking out of the box is inherent to ethical non monogamy. As such, we challenge the status quo, work outside of our comfort zones and pursue initiatives that have the potential to influence our eco-system.

Meet our team


Sophie Mona Pagès (she/her)

I am the founder of LVRSNFRNDS!

I am in this game to help you deconstruct the old relationship narrative and find your way to bliss, whatever it means to you (as long as nobody gets hurt, well without their consent… Ha!). I started questioning monogamy a few years ago to end up dealing with the lack of space for non-monogamous people in society. So I started with Risqué, developed a community of amazing people, threw a party to f**k Brexit, published a cool monthly to do list, and then thought “Wait a minute! Let’s make this official!”.

LVRSNFRNDS was incorporated! Amen! And God save the tax payers…

Previously I worked as a Marketing Consultant, launched a business in publishing with two partners (one of them I married in Vegas), worked over 5 years in Audit (booooooring, well not so actually!) and I also hold fun fact material positions like Dental Assistant, Rap Music Label Manager, Press Intern in Fashion or Account Manager in Advertising. I am curious, yes. Oh maybe you would like to know that my Publishing business revolves around a card game on sex, ask me about it hahaha…

You can find me on most social media under @iamsophiemona and email me at sophie@lvrsnfrnds.com!

Our advisors


jannette davies (She/her)

Women Empowerment

I am Jannette, Scarlet Ladies co-founder, oversharer and masturbation evangelist. You might have seen my face on Channel 4 Super Orgasm (2016). Although my journey with Scarlet Ladies started recently, my personal journey with my sexuality has been an ongoing journey which is apparently neverending. And although I have created an amazing ass company that is Scarlet Ladies, I am pretty much your normal chick next door, being pretty imperfect and living an imperfect life.

That is what I want all women to know: that every woman is imperfect so live life on your own terms and no someone else’s.

A fun fact? I am a huuugggggeeee Harry Potter fan. There will never be a time it airs on TV that I do not watch it. I watch it to cheer myself up, when I am sick and anytime I need a Harry Potter day. I am obsessed.”


Hello Rooster (They/them)


A fun fact? I once dressed up as an "afro punk" tank girl.


lucas servant (he/him)


A fun fact? I have been wearing shorts for over 4 years now and I love it, I think some day I will launch my own brand.


Samy Zerrouki (he/him)


A fun fact? I’ve lost my virginity with a teddy bear!