Who is LVRSNFRNDS Affiliate?

Affiliates can be any member who wish to publicly supports the LVRSNFRNDS mission to transform the experience of questioning and exploring relationships from a lonely one into one imbued by community support, personal development, and constructive social impact — one conversation at a time. You don’t have to be considered an influencer to be an affiliate, you just have to be passionate about our message and excited to share it with others.

Why become a LVRSNFRNDS Affiliate?

It’s an opportunity to help others feel empowered as their authentic self and supported as they question the status quo in love, intimacy and all kinds of relationships. You can head to our home page to see the impact that LVRNSNFRNDS has on our members. You’ll be supporting a independent, Queer-owned business that operates with the community at the core of everything. It’s also a great way to supplement your income as you’ll earn $5 for each new member you refer through your promo code.

As a LVRSNFRNDS Affiliate
You will receive a code to identify your audience and $5 for each new member you refer.

Once approved...

🔗 In order to maintain an active account, we ask you, on a monthly basis, to attend at least one live conversation and post once.

🗓 Payments are issued on a monthly basis.

Ready to get started?

Submit your application here.