A sex-positive platform for modern relationships. Making it cool for you to tell anyone that you are in an open-relationship.

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To be invited to our exclusive events where like-minded humans meet and connect, share experience and tips, you will need to have a 15-minute video interview with Sophie, our founder aka the gatekeeper, in order to become a vetted member of LVRSNFRNDS.

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Wait a minute! Why do I have to go through an interview?

About our intentions…


The most common feedback we receive from members who attend our events for the first time is something like “Wow! You know some cool people!” Yes we do. And it took many good ol’ proper conversations looking at each other in the eyes for Sophie to onboard these cool people. Yeah Instagram doesn’t help here, sorry!

Because we don’t want you to stress out over it and we think it’s important that you understand our approach, we will tell you more about the three main reasons why the interview is non negotiable and what you can expect from it, more or less… And no, it doesn’t involve nudity. Sorry!


We want to build a safe and friendly community

Producing safe and friendly events is what keeps us up at night. We value our members privacy and care for their vulnerability coming to a sex-positive space. For this reason, the interview first motivation is to understand your real motivations and make sure we are not letting in someone who may adopt toxic behaviours. Please be honest. This is the best advice you could get at this point.


we want you to feel you’re part of this

We know how stressful it is to join a community for the first time. The interview is a special time we like to use to tell you about LVRSNFRNDS and answer any questions you may have at this point. We make sure you are “up to speed” with the other members and know everything to feel as comfortable as possible when attending your first event. A great thing about it is that even if you attend on your own, you have already met one person, your interviewer!


We want to know you to serve your desires

In addition to asking about your motivations for joining LVRSFRNDS, you’ll be asked about what makes you who you are, not because we are creepy and we want to sell your data to Facebook (hello Mark! Long time no see at Risqué…) but because it makes it easier for us to understand who and what you are looking for. And… If we know, then we know. Well we know how to introduce you to one another if you need a little help from a friend.


You should know by the end of the interview if you are invited to join LVRSNFRNDS. You will see that this step is only one piece of our constant efforts to keep our community safe and friendly.