Hello, we're the team!

Sophie Mona Pagès
Founder & CEO
Imane Lakhouil
Samy Zerrouki

We're building the safe space of the Internet, a place where each interaction promotes a sense of belonging, personal growth, and positive impact.

Once upon a time...

Tired of the toxic culture nurtured by social media à la Facebook and dating apps à la Tinder, a human named Sophie imagined a space where folks interested in alternative styles of relationships could be their authentic self, learn from others and cultivate meaningful connections with strangers.

The early days.

She sifted the Internet for the curious out there who would relate to her pain, share her values, and invited them to join a social mixer with "a curious mind and no expectations". That was July 20, 2018, they were 20 in the basement of a tiny East London bar, a few months later, the community gathered 1,000+ folks and... Shit hit the fan aka the pandemic.


The pandemic had us rethink how to best serve our community of members and we gradually developed as this platform that people from all around the world can now join. We still talk about romantic and platonic relationships, intimacy but also about family, work, well-being, and pretty much anything that's dear to our hearts or that we're curious about.

And we hope to live curiously ever after!

Wanna join us? Check out our Academy for the concepts and skills we consider key in our community and serve our purpose.

Sounds like you?

Come hang with us.