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"This is a place where no topic is too out there, queer or strange. There is a friends first approach with the sex positive culture. This has lead me to make deep and lasting connections with friends and romantic partners I hope to be in my life for a long time." — Lauren
"I truly love this community. You are doing a great job at being inclusive, educational, and fun!" — Corinne
"Simply a wonderful group of people." — Hanna
"LVRSNFRNDS has been my social and emotional intelligence life-saver this past year." — Hanh
"LVRSNFRNDS have created a wonderful, curated space to meet people without any expectations or preconceptions." — Tom
"Such an open-minded, knowledgeable and compassionate community. It's been a great way to learn from and connect to people all over the world on identity, politics, relationship styles, expression and more." — Ge
"This community changed my life. Improved my confidence. Allowed me space to have the deep conversations I wanted (and ones I didn't know I needed)." — Michael
"Best online community I’ve ever joined. Safe, fun, super inclusive." — Sonia
"A place to learn about all aspects of self; love and relationships in a safe space with welcoming and respectful members who support you wherever you’re at on your journey." — Catherine
"A fascinating fun and safe space to explore and discuss relationships related topics. It has been a personally life-changing discovery for me, and I couldn't recommend it enough." — Philippe
"This community is pretty much crafting utopia." — Rosas
"It's been a great way to learn from others and a refuge from other apps and social media. The key thing is that membership is vetted and members are held to high standards of behaviour. Everyone is supportive and welcoming!" — Al
"Whatever the best review you can think of is, insert it here. That is how I would describe my LVRSNFRNDS experience." — Marie
"I'll quote a fellow member who said that the level of intimacy available to get to know other members is like "a fast-track to friendship." With love." — JB
"It is healing to find a community, online or otherwise, whereby you feel understood, validated and supported." — Sarah-Jane
"This is the best website on the internet in my opinion. A special haven of community and sharing and questioning, and a celebration of human potential." — Susie
"I don’t feel a need to pretend. I feel seen and my experiences validated but I get to learn from others and create a space for other people to be heard too. I’m taking what I learn into other relationships in my life, colleagues, friends and family. More self aware." — Grace

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From the relationship with yourself to the one with [insert anyone here], our community has many experiences to share and believes in the power of open and honest conversations.

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As a member of LVRSNFRNDS you'll enjoy a safe and diverse community to join and start conversations based on member stories and questions to learn how to build healthy relationships — of all kinds!

You realise there is some real toxicity out there in intimacy, dating and relationships and you want to write your own rules, whatever that means, you actually want to figure this out.

You feel a bit weird about it. It's not really the kind of conversation you can have with friends and family. You feel unsure of how to move forward with this.

You find out about us and think: 'Seems like I'm not the only one!' and fill out the purposely long application form. A member of our team reviews it personally.

You're welcomed in the community by your dedicated caremate, a long-serving members happy to answer all your questions. You're ready to join or start a live conversation!

You join your first live conversation and you're a bit stressed but you notice that you're with a bunch of lovely folks like you, pretty soon, you feel at home.

You're not alone: a whole community is behind you, quirks and all! You're more confident, you understand your needs and those of others better, being on this journey together feels good.

When a strong and welcoming community has your back, it's always a good start.
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What makes it special?

It's all about you, powered by us.

People join LVRSNFRNDS to connect with like-minded folks, find support, learn about relationships & intimacy, make an impact on each others lives and cultivate meaningful connections.

🔗 Connect with people like you.

Connect in meaningful ways with vetted people from all walks of life with similar values and a friendship first approach. So, never mind your judgemental friends, make new ones amongst our inspiring, emotionally-intelligent and fun curated members.

💬 Talk without being judged.

Join conversations live and on our app, where it’s always the right place and time for that. From members stories to films or books, be inspired by honest and open conversations that broaden your horizons, in a sex-positive but not sex-focused way.

💡 Learn what matters to you.

Learn from differently experienced others and develop the language that fits, normalises and contextualises your own choices. Break down barriers, concerns, discover new perspectives and unlearn traditional narratives among a diverse community.

🧭 Explore your authentic self.

Explore identity, intimacy, relationships at a pace you’re comfortable with. We are a safe, caring and inclusive community where it’s OK to change your mind. With us you’ll be encouraged to experiment ethically and find out what’s right for you.

🌱 Grow, proudly.

Grow as an individual, friend, lover and everything else you are. We’re rooting for your authentic self! We want you to own your choices and feel celebrated and confident living by your own desires and what makes you feel alive.

Become a better lover and friend, with a little help from us.

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