We pay for it, because we own it.

LVRSNFRNDS is paid for by members, not advertisers.

We don't know who need to hear this but the Facebook model* is so 2004.

No ads, no compromises.
After a 7 day trial, you'll need to pay a membership fee. The app will remain ad-free forever, and we will never monetise your data in any shape or form.

Risk-free and empowering.
If LVRSNFRNDS is delivering on its promise, we hope it’s an easy decision to keep it running for the membership fee of your choice, yes you own this!

No money, no problem.
If you’re loving it with us but truly can't afford it, you may request a free sponsorship by emailing Sophie, our founder, at sophie@lvrsnfrnds.com.

*Who's happy with a social network that sells your data, is at the forefront of some out dated and dangerous puritanical war and cultivates echo chambers? At LVRSNFRNDS, diversity of opinions is encouraged provided that we share the same values. Also, your money goes toward supporting an independent Queer-owned business. Period.

How it works.

Your membership fee starts at

You will then have the opportunity to update it every month: we trust you to pay what you think is fair. You own this!

Sounds good to you?

We can't wait to meet you!