LVRSNFRNDS for Therapists & Coaches.

Learn how our app complements mental health professionals.

Adopted & recommended by therapists and relationship coaches.

Therapists and coaches amongst our members base have established that LVRSNFRNDS is an excellent complement to therapy, especially if you're a Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diverse (GSRD) Therapist:
1/ our members enjoy the combined benefits of a self-discovery space that is safe and social,
2/ our approach is inclusive and intersectional, we want to uplift people as their authentic selves.


Mental health professionals and their clients can get a 7-day free trial to LVRSNFRNDS.

How do therapists and coaches use LVRSNFRNDS?

LVRSNFRNDS is best integrated when you collaborate with your client on how it fits into their plan.

You can use their experience on the app as a starting point for a therapy session asking them what was most helpful, if there is something that surfaced that they wish to discuss.

You can also encourage them to have a chat with our community based on a topic that is meaningful to them. And again, use this as a starting point for a session.

Based on our members feedback, LVRSNFRNDS works well to:
- build and repair emotional connection,
- communicate more openly,
- process difficult emotions,
- manage conflict,
- grow appreciation,
- rebuild trust.

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