A sex-positive platform for modern relationships. Making it cool for you to tell anyone that you are in an open-relationship.

Love, sex & relationships,
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the highway.

A members' club for people
who don’t settle for the norm.

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inclusive community

We thrive on diversity. We welcome humans of all ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, shapes, hair colours, diets, etc. Even better than the Spice Girls! Whether you're looking for love or friendship, we have a community of lovely and friendly members who can’t wait to meet you.


exclusive events

Members only, our events are designed with their wellbeing and fun in mind. We want our guests to enjoy great experiences and start building deep connections in the most natural and pleasurable way. Cocktails and culture are usually involved. Helps navigate non monogamy is what we say…


original content

We’re building a library of resources made by and for non monogamous people to help you define and own the relationships of your choice. We find inspiration in our experiences as well as our members’. We listen to suggestions, we have strong opinions and we like to share them.


In the beginning there was…

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A gorgeous secret spot in East London, some cool people, nice cocktails, good music, good vibes... Since its creation in July 2018, Risqué has become the go-to event to make new lovers and friends in London. What are you waiting for?


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We’ve got lovers and friends.

We really enjoyed our first Risqué ❤️ Nice mix of people, we loved the vibe!
— Lauren & Tom
Amazing people! Thank you for such an inclusive and friendly party! Loved it 😍
— samia
Wow I honestly adore Risqué! It has been a highlight these past months ✨
— Sadie
I really liked the venue 👍 nice to be in a buzzy venue but away from the crowd!
— Paul
Being part of LVRSNFRNDS, I’ve met some amazing lovers and friends and I can count on enjoying one great night out at least once a month 😜
— Sophie
I had such a lovely evening! Venue was great, people were super kind and friendly! Felt like a really positive, natural space 💕
— Kim

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‘London’s newer and cooler parties’


‘Proudly inclusive of all genders and profoundly sex-positive’


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